Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Amber Hay Grace The Cover Of Girls Gone Wild

Girls Gone Wild Magazine features Amber Hay on their cover this month. The 20 year old is sizzling hot on her photo wearing a skimpy underwear and a guitar! Whoa!

Amber Hay is a native of Hawaii who will turn 21 on July 28th. Amber has been working in the film business since 2003, landing such parts as "Beach Hottie." Apart from other few movies to her credit she has worked in Ocean’s 13 in the supporting role.She is also reported to act in the movie Deep in the Valley, which also features Denise Richards, Kim Kardashian, Shayne Dahl Lamas and Scott Caan.

The "Girls Gone Wild" has been successful over the years, but owner Joe Francis has found himself increasingly embroiled in legal trouble for the last several years. There's something about the series which seems to appeal to some and really upset others.