Wednesday, March 12, 2008

At A Glance: Rules of Poker

If you’ve never played poker and want to learn how, or if you are just a beginner, check out the rules of poker online and learn how to play like a pro. Find all kinds of helpful basic information at a number of websites dedicated to the game, including main poker categories and hand rankings and groupings. You could also pick up a book on the game at any bookstore, and start playing with a group of people who know the game well. Make it your new hobby and learn everything you can about poker and other popular card games; maybe you could even host a weekly poker night? The best way to understand the game and get good at it is to play it often. What better way to get your friends and family together? If you’re all beginners it could be a bit challenging, so invite some one who’s had some practice!

According to this popular website, there is no such thing as “official rules of poker”. describes one widely accepted set of rules in depth, that will get you started learning how to play. Rules vary depending on where you are playing, and if you decide to play online be aware of the legalities of internet poker, and the procedures and policies of the site you’re on. There are lots of poker scams out there, so don’t get yourself into something you can’t get out of, cheaply that is. If you want to become a winning poker player, these poker tips and strategies will be well worth your time to check out. Learn Texas Hold ‘em and lots of other popular, fun variations of poker at this site and others like, where you can check out the complete poker dictionary and get a free trial subscription to the poker tips newsletter.

If you are more of a visual learner, you’ll like the great colored illustrations depicting the game step by step at This site features the “official” rules of poker including hand rankings, betting procedures, order of action, when the hand starts and ends, and much more. Learn common poker terms and how to use them when you play, such as blinds, button, position, all in, fold, check, raise, bet, call, etc. User-friendly examples show you how to play all the favorite poker games. Even beginners can learn all the rules of poker by visiting the “poker rules” section offering tips and advice to players at all levels. Poker is has always been a popular game, but since online card games are so accessible, its popularity has soared. You don’t have to play for real money, even though it’s a lot more fun when you win!

Role Playing Games Are The Trend

Role playing games have a long history as a fringe geek occupation, yet throughout that history they have been gradually gaining mainstream acceptance. Back in what I would like to call the dark ages, role playing games were enjoyed in basements by socially awkward adolescent males almost exclusively. The most classic role playing game, of course, is Dungeons & Dragons. In Dungeons & Dragons, the players would wander around a mythical world while the dungeon Master narrated a story. They would battle goblins, ghouls, and all kinds of other monsters while trying to accomplish various quests or tasks. The point of the role playing game – at least in theory – was not just to kill the most enemies and advance to the highest level. It was about more than that. It was about imagining yourself as a character and truly immersing yourself in that role.

With the invention of computer role playing video games, however, things moved closer to mainstream acceptance. Games like Zork, the legend of Zelda, and other computerized adventure games advanced role playing by allowing people to play on their own. These role playing games were addictive! I had a friend who used to spend literally weeks at a time solving every Final Fantasy game that came out. He would do nothing but sit down in front of my TV, switch on the Nintendo, and play ceaselessly.

With online role playing games, gaming has become a completely mainstream occupation. Unfortunately, in many ways online role playing games fall into the some very bad traps. Rather than focusing on stories, they focus on graphics and what is called hack and slash game playing. This means that the main point is to kill as many people as possible while amassing as much treasure and as many special powers as you can. Although this role playing gaming is pretty flashy, involving some of the most sophisticated graphics that have yet been designed, it is also pretty flat and monotonous. It sucks up time without truly exercising your imagination.

Nonetheless, although this is true for games like World of Warcraft, it is not universally true for online role playing. In some of these role playing games, the emphasis is on intrigue. Twisted plots suck the plays into conspiracies, making phenomena such as betrayals and double crosses a standard part of gameplay. In many ways, this is much truer to the original spirit of the role playing games.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

There Are Lots Of Children In Need Out There

There are lots of children in need
Most individuals residing in this country should consider themselves lucky. Unfortunately there are a number of children who do not have the lives that most of us take for granted. They are sadly struggling to get by. Many of these minors lack the proper parenting and care that all children deserve. Instead of growing up happily in a fine home with two wonderful parents that love them more than life, they're forced to fend for themselves or take up residence in some sort of children's shelter. These are the countless children in need! You may not devote much thought to these individuals, but they're suffering nonetheless. It's time that more people cared.

When you think of children in need, you may start to ponder under-developed countries, which are commonly filled with underprivileged children. These are the children in need that you see on television ads and infomercials. Generally a spokes person comes out and asks you to donate a certain amount of money so that these children can get what they need to survive. While this is no doubt touching, and is likely to tug at the heart strings of countless viewers, there is one major aspect of this issue to remember. There are also oodles of children in need, which are located right here at home in our country. As a country, we should strive to help them first. It makes sense to deal with our own dilemmas and burdens prior to tackling those around the globe.

A great way to get in touch with some of these children in need organizations is via the Internet. Hop online and take a gander at websites such as or These well-known websites will get you on the right track toward learning more about the numerous children in need across the country. There are ways you can assist these kids and help them attain the food and possessions they need. Even if you do not have a great deal of money to donate to children in need, the smallest amount will still make a difference for someone. Furthermore, it's always great to donate used and new possessions to local charities in your neck of the woods. Let's begin by helping the children that reside here in the US of A.

Research First About Juvenile Boot Camps Before Registering Your Kid

Across the world for decades, parents have threatened their unruly children with the notion of sending them to military school if they don’t shape up. Nine out of ten times, those unruly kids or teens never go to military school. They either straighten out on their own time or they continue to be menaces to society. In today’s society, sending your child to military school isn’t always the first option anymore. There are lots of places that can be referred to as juvenile boot camps that are meant to reform your teen and send them back to you as a changed person. If you believe that is possible, then looking into juvenile boot camps may be a great choice for your family.

There has been a ton of controversy in recent years about the effectiveness of juvenile boot camps. Depending on who you talk to, they are either very effective or a complete waste of time and money. Since the cost of some of these boot camps are averaging $15,000-20,000 for attendance, people should be completely sure of the need to send their child before investing that large amount of money into fixing a problem that may not be fixed at all. A lot of parents enlist their teenager under the assumption that juvenile boot camps will be a reality check and a quick fix. Unfortunately, it isn’t very common for a short stay at a boot camp to be a quick fix. Perhaps for younger teens who are in the early stages of rebellion and acting out could be candidates for a quick fix short stay in a boot camp. However, once the teens are more set in their destructive behaviors and appear to have no structure for themselves, a short term camp isn’t going to help them in the least. Those teens should be attending a long term juvenile boot camp.

Some of the controversy that has come to light in regards to these juvenile boot camps is the safety of your unruly teens. Instructors have gotten a lot of negativity when they push the teen a bit too far either mentally or physically. It is one thing to willingly enlist in military school or boot camp and expect the rigorous exercises and screaming in your face mentality. It is another thing to take a teen who is struggling through their life and may have underlying issues and push them entirely too far. If you’re a parent who is considering enrolling your teen in a juvenile boot camp, make sure that you do your homework. Don’t be too quick to write the check and pack your child’s suitcase for them. Find out what the boot camp’s policies are. Find out how many complaints have been filed, if any. See if you can arrange a trip to spend a few hours observing and visiting with some of the staff members. Your child may be out of control and in major need of some major changes, but you owe it to your child and yourself to ensure that the program will be effective and keep your child safe as well.