Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Boy Died Due to Secondary Drowning

A 10-year-old South Carolina boy died last weekend after he swallowed water from a swimming pool. The unusual thing is that the boy died several hours after he swallowed the water.

According to FoxNews, police said that Johnny Jackson, from Goose Creek had been swimming Sunday in a pool from his apartment complex and swallowed some water. His mother saw that Johnny inhaled a lot of water but she dismissed it seeing that the child is alright.

After the incident, Johnny went to take a nap in his room because he was feeling sleepy. When someone went to check on him, the boy had water coming out of his nose and was breathing with difficulty.

His mother called 911 and the boy was sent to Trident Hospital. Doctors tried to save him but Johnny died. Cause of death: asphyxiation.

Berkeley County Coroner Glenn Rhoad said that Johnny had his lungs filled with water, causing him to asphyxiate. Doctors said that the fourth-grader at Westview Elementary School drowned.

According to FoxNews, not all cases of drowning happen immediately. There is secondary drowning as well, which can happen as much as 72 hours later, without any signs.

There was no way that his family could have known what was happening.