Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Your Vote Matters! - 2008 US Presidential Election

Who will win the 2008 US Presidential Elections? Is it the seasoned Republican senator from Arizona who has years of experience on the senatorial seat, John McCain or is it the Democrat candidate Barack Obama who is a junior senator from Illinois and a very charismatic ideologist who's talking all about change he could make when he will be elected on the post.

Running with the two presidentiables are VP nominates Senator Joe Biden on the Democratic Ticket and a senator from the state of Delaware and Gov. Sarah Palin from the state of Alaska who's running for the Republican Ticket.

In two years of the start of the caucases and now the election we had seen the platforms of the two budding persons for the US presidency. We have arrive on the verge of being angry with the dirty politics played by the Republican Party and the misdemeanors of their vice presidential candidate who even doen't know the role of the vice president. We have watched the debated and how calm Obama was during all the three debates and how McCain despises Obama and even called him "That One".

We even saw how the press and international newspapers, dignified individuals and known celebrities openly support Barack Obama on his quest. We even criticized the way McCain's undignified campaign and how he fell short in choosing Palin as his running mate which was obviously the wrong choice.

Now, its election day November 4, 2008 - the world will see this as a big change in history, on how the American have chosen. I just hope America will vote wisely but the important message here is to stand up NOW and vote out! Your vote count. Goodluck America.