Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Getting A Harvard Education

The oldest higher learning establishment in the United States is Harvard. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, it opened its doors in 1636 and is one of the most prestigious academic centers in the world. Harvard application, along with hard work of course, almost guarantees a path to career success. Such is its reputation, rivaled only by its traditional rivals of Yale and Princeton.

In addition to academic pursuits, the university education is noted for its excellence in sporting and cultural achievements. Anyone accepted, following their Harvard application, is expected to work hard and play hard. There are many old traditions here, including college songs and the official school colors of crimson.

The latest figure for acceptance of undergraduates is almost 9% and there are slightly more female students than male. As part of the Ivy League, the Harvard application process does not recognize athletic scholarships. There have been recent steps taken to enable more young people from lower income groups to attend.

The 6,700 undergraduates and 12,400 graduate students can expect the best of facilities and teaching standards at the institution. There are approximately 2,400 professors across nine faculties, which include medicine, law, divinity and business schools. The library is said to be the largest academic library in the world with a collection of 15 million volumes. Rare books, manuscripts, maps and atlases are greatly prized.

Sporting facilities are second to none and many sports are represented by Harvard students, including volleyball, fencing, wrestling, squash, rowing, ice hockey and tennis. Football is also a big part of Harvard life and the annual game against Yale, dating from 1875, is fiercely contested. There are also facilities for athletics, an indoor cycling track, a multi purpose gymnasium and weight rooms. The indoor arena is used for basketball matches and there is an Olympic size swimming pool.

Students interested in the arts are encouraged here too and a Harvard application could lead to membership of one of several activity groups. The university has its own theatre group, college choir, symphony orchestra and literary magazine. Harvard is also responsible for numerous museums, including art collections and natural history and science museums.

This university opens up many possibilities for achievement in many areas and the opportunity to make friends for life. Past graduates have included US Presidents John F. Kennedy and Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt. World famous poet T.S. Eliot and composer, Leonard Bernstein also graduated from here. These illustrious names will be an inspiration to anyone considering a Harvard application.