Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cynthia Rodriguez Walks Out On A-Rod

Is the road to splits ville imminent between Alex Rodriguez and his wife Cynthia Rodriguez? Is it true that Cynthia joined Lenny Kravitz in a weekend getaway in Paris? Well, read on and be the judge.

Alex Rodriguez has been at the center of the latest Madonna and Guy Ritchie divorce rumors. Now it seems the real reason for his late night visits with Madonna could be for consolation.

It is now being reported that A-Rod’s wife of six years, Cynthia Rodriguez, has left him less than three months after the birth of their second daughter.

The plot only thickens from here. Sources are now saying that 34-year-old Cynthia has been seeing rocker Lenny Kravitz, and that the two are currently enjoying a romantic getaway in Paris.

Madonna’s rep has denied rumors of an imminent divorce and says Rodriguez and Madonna share the same manager, Guy Oseary, and are “just friends.”

Rodriguez walked away from reporters at Yankees stadium on Tuesday when asked about the Kravitz rumors.