Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tim McGraw Fights With Disrespectful Fan

Country music star Tim McGraw is not only a cowboy at heart but on his actions too! During one of his concerts at White River Amphitheater he pulled a man on stage because he saw him getting rowdy to a woman on the audience. Watch this clip below for you to see what had transpire.

The singer ejected the rowdy man from the spectators, in the defense of a female fan. Others, who were standing close to him in the audience, said that he smelled of alcohol and was moving around wildly during the song, smashing into people next to him.

The man, wearing a tank top and cowboy hat, made a quick move toward McGraw, and the singer raised a clinched fist in response.

"He gets up and starts acting like he's going to fight Tim McGraw," said Tricia Johnson, who was there at the concert. "Just, strange."

When McGraw saw him troubling a female fan in the front row, he yelled out “Get rid of this guy! Security!”

Since the security did not turn up fast enough, the singer himself leaned into the crowd and grabbed the man, taking him off of the woman. He was helped by many in his stage crew as well.

Security guards then ran in from the wings of the White River Amphitheater stage to help hold the man back.

The band's performance of 'Indian Outlaw' was not halted and McGraw quickly stepped to the mic and picked up with the line "I ain't lookin' for trouble ... .” as if on cue.

The rabble-rouser on being approached later said that he didn't know what happened; and that he thought he was being pulled on stage to sing with McGraw.