Monday, May 19, 2008

Downloading Google Earth

If you have never done a Google Earth download, you have to try it. The other day, I invited over one of my friends to help me download Google Earth. I was amazed by how easy it was. I have never been able to download music without a lot of trouble. I am kind of technologically illiterate. Nevertheless, they make the Google Earth download as simple as they can. It is free, and there are sites all over the world that will help you download it. Even if you can't connect to one of them, you will definitely be able to connect to another one.

When I first heard about Google Earth download, I thought it was just a novelty thing. I have always loved maps, and I wanted to look at it, but I figured that there would be just too much information for it to be useful. As a matter of fact, Google Earth downloads are extremely useful. Don't get me wrong, you can get by with Google maps or MapQuest if all you want is directions. You don't really need such a complicated program, and it does take a good bit of hard drive space. Nevertheless, it is worth it. You can see satellite maps of anything in any of place in the world. You can zoom out all the way to space, or zoom in to within a few hundred feet. And that is just the beginning.

The goggle Earth download lets you actually interact with the map. It isn't just a program, it is a community. Once you get a Google Earth download, you have many choices about what information to display. You can look at local businesses, monuments, government and civic sites, or the comments of people who know about them. Anyone who wants to can put locations on the Google Earth map. Then anyone who gets a Google Earth download can access them from any place in the world.

You can explore sites of local interests in cities you've never been to, read about the killings in Darfur or global climate change, or even post your observations. People even link up their web cams to the Google Earth download.That means you can look at a particular city, zoom into a particular intersection, and then click on a button that will call up a web cam there. It really is amazing what technology can do nowadays. It is almost the stuff of science fiction, right before our eyes.