Wednesday, March 12, 2008

At A Glance: Rules of Poker

If you’ve never played poker and want to learn how, or if you are just a beginner, check out the rules of poker online and learn how to play like a pro. Find all kinds of helpful basic information at a number of websites dedicated to the game, including main poker categories and hand rankings and groupings. You could also pick up a book on the game at any bookstore, and start playing with a group of people who know the game well. Make it your new hobby and learn everything you can about poker and other popular card games; maybe you could even host a weekly poker night? The best way to understand the game and get good at it is to play it often. What better way to get your friends and family together? If you’re all beginners it could be a bit challenging, so invite some one who’s had some practice!

According to this popular website, there is no such thing as “official rules of poker”. describes one widely accepted set of rules in depth, that will get you started learning how to play. Rules vary depending on where you are playing, and if you decide to play online be aware of the legalities of internet poker, and the procedures and policies of the site you’re on. There are lots of poker scams out there, so don’t get yourself into something you can’t get out of, cheaply that is. If you want to become a winning poker player, these poker tips and strategies will be well worth your time to check out. Learn Texas Hold ‘em and lots of other popular, fun variations of poker at this site and others like, where you can check out the complete poker dictionary and get a free trial subscription to the poker tips newsletter.

If you are more of a visual learner, you’ll like the great colored illustrations depicting the game step by step at This site features the “official” rules of poker including hand rankings, betting procedures, order of action, when the hand starts and ends, and much more. Learn common poker terms and how to use them when you play, such as blinds, button, position, all in, fold, check, raise, bet, call, etc. User-friendly examples show you how to play all the favorite poker games. Even beginners can learn all the rules of poker by visiting the “poker rules” section offering tips and advice to players at all levels. Poker is has always been a popular game, but since online card games are so accessible, its popularity has soared. You don’t have to play for real money, even though it’s a lot more fun when you win!