Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Joy That Kittens For Sale Can Give

I knew that my daughter would eventually want a pet, but when she finally did it caught me almost entirely by surprise. I wasn't ready for it. It was so stressful for me to raise a kid to the age of eight that, when she got to that age, I didn't want anymore young, dependent critters in the house, be they human or feline. I was a little bit worried about taking care of a pet. You see, I didn't want it to be my responsibility. As a matter of fact, when we discussed it, I told her that we could look at kittens for sale on the condition that she would take care of any pet that we got. She had agreed, but you know how little kids are. They don't always understand the commitment involved in a promise.

When when first went to look at those cats for sale, however, the joy she took in them convinced me that she wouldn't get tired of them early. She had been wanting to own from cat for sale for a long time, and I finally relented. After all, I really couldn't say no to that sweet smile. I guess in a lot of ways my daughter has me wrapped around her little finger, but she hasn't really figured it out yet. When she does, however, I will be in trouble.

She spent hours looking at the various rag doll kittens for sale. I mean it – hours. I couldn't get her out of the store, and even the clerk was getting impatient. Finally, she picked the perfect one. It was mottled, speckled, playful, and mischievous. It was a gorgeous little cat, and I definitely couldn't fault her taste. It seemed like she had picked the perfect kitten for sale.

The owner of the pet store tried to get her to pick out one of the other kittens for sale. When I asked him why, he told me that that one was a little bit of a handful. Supposedly, it was a lot harder to handle than the other ones. I wanted to take his advice, but I knew there was no arguing with my daughter. I figured that, if she made the wrong choice of those kittens for sale, it would be her problem anyway. As it turns out, the cat was perfect. My daughter was pretty good about it too. She did a great job taking care of her pet.